We share your commitment to the students you serve.

At First Gen Consulting, we help train educators on engaging cross-cultural differences to reach Somali students and transform their educational path.

We are here to make a meaningful difference in how education is delivered and received. We will serve as a guiding force in improving opportunities in the classrooms and shaping the academic lives of students across the country.

We work with Universities, educators, school districts, administrators, and staff to provide guidance workshops, conferences and educational opportunities for cultural awareness of Somali students and their families in K-12 settings.

Recorded testimonial belongs to Jillian Magnusson an EL teacher.
Jillian Magnusson, Prior Lake Savage District in Minnesota

Why Educators Choose Us

Our approach brings solutions to challenging cultural differences in educational settings for the benefit of the underserved students, families, and ultimately, for the educational system overall.

Tailored Workshops

Our aim is to create an inclusive learning environment. We help educators learn effective strategies that will help build engaging relationships with Somali students and parents.