Zahra Farah
Zahra FarahFounder
Zahra Farah is a first-generation Somali American who has resided in Minnesota for almost twenty-eight years. She has attended private school, suburban as well as urban high schools, and through her educational journey has witnessed many different educators who have not only inspired her but remain mentors to this day.

Zahra is a poet, writer, speaker, and an advocate for children everywhere. A graduate from Metropolitan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature. Zahra hoped to become a journalist while pursuing her undergraduate degree chasing the most captivating stories, but her journey lead her to become a K-12 English Language teacher. Zahra has been in the education field for seven years, three of them as a special education paraprofessional, and four years as an EL teacher. Zahra’s ability to build strong relationships with students is by staying patient, keeping a positive vibe, constant communication, check-ins, and invited hugs with a warm smile. Children don’t always love being held accountable, but celebrating a changed behavior brings in a chance to redo each day as a brand new day.

Zahra loves to stay busy by communicating with as many inspiring people as she can, partaking in educational meetings held in many different universities, and she is an avid volunteer with organizations, which are both private as well as public. Zahra hopes to bring First Gen to a school near you and in turn, build a friendship united by our shared love for our students.

Saadia Mohamed
Saadia MohamedCo-founder
Saadia Mohamed is a first generation Somali-American immigrant who has had the privilege and pleasure of being an educator that specializes in Urban Elementary Education in the Twin Cities. Saadia is committed to social justice and equity and represents educators who teach STEM to 5th-6th graders. Saadia thrives on confirming and challenging educators’ thoughts about what’s possible in the world of teaching and learning. More than anything, she is a teacher at heart, with a wealth of experience teaching learners of all ages. When it comes to teaching, Saadia believes it is about developing strong relationships, which tap into students’ passions and provide relevant content to students and allows them to make connections with the curriculum.

She strives to foster an understanding of the connections and interplay between technology, pedagogy, and curriculum, and the process changes necessary to shift the focus from teaching to learning. Through hands-on and learning-centered, Saadia works side by side with K-8 students, teachers and administrators to re-examine deeply held beliefs and patterns of teaching and learning.

In her work as a classroom teacher, she realizes the significance of facilitating opportunities for young people to explore their personal story in a safe and inclusive environment that also has high expectations and pushes them academically. She understands the importance of collaborating in this work in order to grow as an educator and as a consultant to provide best practices for the young people in schools. When we work together, we can truly create an environment where young people thrive and reach their full potential.

Kind Words and Testimonials

“So many teachers stated they really appreciated the information and wished they could have had more hours/time.”
Educators and Staff, Prior Lake Savage District
“Thank you so much for taking the time to present to Fridley Middle School Staff. It was amazing and we learned a ton. We really appreciate it.”
Amy Cochran, Educator
“The workshop was well informed, entertaining, and all of my questions were answered. I had a good time!”
Patsy Lee, Educator
“Thank you so much for coming to present to our school about Somali culture! The presentation was very informative and you were super engaging and fun! We loved it!”
Patty Hand, Educator

“Zahra Farah is a confident Muslim Somali Woman. She was asked to come into our Middle School and High School sites to teach our staff about the Somali culture. She included elements of history, language, religion, gender roles, values and Why Minnesota in her presentation. As an educator, she was able to share strategies with staff that could be implemented the next day. Her presentation was engaging, educational and easy to understand. She created an environment where staff could ask the “uncomfortable” questions with no judgement. The staff really appreciated having Zahra present to the staff.”

Suzan Samaha, Educator

Effective Strategies

We help educators learn effective strategies for an inclusive learning environment.